Hairdo Scene Hairstyles Tips

Scene Styles presents Hairdo Scene Hairstyle Tips

The Scene hair is a glamorous version of the 1980’s hair. Think of the metal hair trimmed with some color. Now with all the products that are available, it’s become more sophisticated and there’s lots of volume that can be added.
What’s more, the style suits both girls and boys just fine. The things that are a must is the styling flat iron and lots of serum and gel. In fact the color can be dyed in any color like red, orange, blue and green. Even platinum and neon colors can be used. The bangs can be in a done in some other colors and even in unnatural colors.
Black-Green-Bow Scene Hair
Black-Green-Bow Scene Hairstyles
Highlights, lowlights or both can be done in contrasting colors. The hair can be straightened from the sides and spiked from behind. The variousstyles for the scene hairstyles are the mullet, bob and long swept bangs or razored bangs that can also be added.
Big Scene Hair
Big Scene Hairstyles
The fringes and the bangs can be pinned up to one side with bow clips or Kirby clips. Even hair extensions look great for trendy long scene hairstyles. The porcupine spikes at the back really add to the look. Boys can even go in for the Mohawk look. Of course those who have really curly hair would need to straighten the hair as scene hairstyles is very straight.
Mohawk Scene Hair
Mohawk Scene Hairstyles

Rainbow Scene Hair
Rainbow Scene Hairstyles