Women Hairstyles: Gothic Hairstyles - Gothic Haircuts

Goth hairstyles have remained since the 1980’s when they were big, literally and figuratively speaking. It was a means of self expression which brought out a darker side of the personality and it became a more subculture with music and an overall lifestyle. In the 1980s, gothic hairstyles had more height and were known for their extra black color or use of bizarre shades of purple or red. To add an interesting effect, some Goth hairstyles were crimped or curled. In this day and age, Goth hairstyles still exist but it is no longer a ‘rule’ to have the hairstyle big or all black. Instead, Goths will still wear black but allow themselves to experiment with various hairstyles that may be more punk rock influenced.

Girugamesh Hairstyles

Destroyx Hairstyles
Destroyx has gone with this Gothic Hairstyle. The hair is long and styled with a straight fringe on the forehead. This look is not for everyone.
Ayria Hairstyles
This Gothic style hair is fun and funky. This look will certainly turn heads as it is eye catching. Ayria has her hair styled with two different colours. The hair forms nicely around her face.