Short haircuts for girls

Traditionally, long straight black hair was considered the most beautiful style for any Korean woman. Korean men usually “fell in love” with the women whose back looked so gorgeous with her charming long hair. Even the TV commercials always showed women with long hairs
and never really introduced any new hairstyle, except for maybe long, black, “curly” hair.

short haircuts for girls korean 2010

This summer when I was trying to change my hair style, I used the popular “naver-wisdom,” a popular Korean website in which people post questions and get answers from others online. I searched for hair styles with phrases like “the most popular girl hair style,” “cute girl hair cuts,” and so on. Regardless of how I phrased, the website consistently mentioned the short haircut shown in the drama “Coffee Prince,” with the main character Eun-Chan.

Well, this summer, a tomboy character named “Eun-chan” appears on screen every Tuesday and Thursday night, and changed many opinions (or preference) of many women for their hairstyle. Many rumors also followed that in order for one to prove oneself “truly beautiful,” she should get a haircut and show that even the short haircut looks good on her. With Yoon Eun Hae (the celebrity playing Eun-Chan’s role in the drama), it reached a point in which a person could go to any hair salon and literally ask the hair designers for the “Yoon Eun Hae” hairstyle, they would understand exactly what the customer wants.

girls short hairstyles 2010

Keun-young Moon, a young celebrity famous for making donations for scholarship program, helping little children, and so on.