Short Hairstyle for Summer

What kind hair style would be the best hair for summer? Sometimes women with short hair think that they are limited to the types of hairstyles they can achieve. 

short summer hair style

This is true to an extent, because some styles do not look great in short hair. But here are a few styles that look fantastic and are easy to create with a little work and time. Cornrows are widely known to be easily created in short hair. This can be a hairstyle on its own, or it can be used to braid in extensions or sections of longer hair to create a longer style. Extensions are made of human hair, and can be treated as you treat your own hair. They can be dyed, cut, curled or blow dried regardless of the method used to put them in place. Extensions do not grow, but can be replaced when your hair outgrows them.

Flips, or the outer edges of your hair framing the face can be achieved using a hot curling iron, or a round brush and your blow dryer. After parting and styling your hair as you normally would, start with the ends of hair closest to your face and place the hair beneath the brush. Curl the brush towards your face, and blow dry at the same time. This will make the hair curl upwards and creates a great affect for all short hair types. Using a curling iron for this style, simply place the locking arm of the curling iron on top of the hair, and curl the iron towards your face. When released, the hair will naturally curl towards your face, and up towards the sun to create a fantastic look.

2010 Short Hairstyle for Summer