Rihannas People Make It Hard On Eminem

Video director Joseph Khan tweeted yesterday that the video for Eminem’s track with Rihanna “Love The Way You Lie” was going to be getting a visual.

"Video is awarded. Starts shooting Tuesday. Eminem & Rihanna. Off we go!," Kahn wrote publicly via his Twitter page over the weekend.
Word is though this video was supposed to have been happened already, but Rihanna’s handlers were making it a very slow process. What I’m hearing is that both Def Jam and Rihanna’s personal management was wary about letting her be in a video with Eminem that deals with spousal abuse. Rihanna is still very much known for that whole Chris Brown thing and those close to her didn’t even want her to be on the song in the first place, much less the video. But a hit is a hit, and eventually they gave in and greenlighted the video.