curly long hair

Long curly hair has always been the envious of most women who don't have it. Though long curly hair naturally looks attractive, it is not an easy job maintaining it especially when the curls become frizzy. Before you make any regrettable mistakes by either cutting your hair short or by perming your hair curly. Spend some time to look at the tips given.

For those women who have long curly hair they prefer their hair shorter, the reason they gave is not because they thought they will have more attractive appearance but due to the fact that shorter hair is much easier to manage and cheaper to maintain.

Wouldn't you like to know long curly hair care tips?

Hair Moisture is Important

If you have long curly hair, do not apply too much strange substance on your hair, pull it too tight with your hair brush and you should refrain from using hot air to straightened it. What you should do is just let it naturally curly. This is because if you are spending too much time and effort you will be annoyed.

By applying quality shampoos as well as quality conditioners to your hair are parts of curly hair care. It's vital to maintain the proper moisture level because curly hair needs more moisture.

Be Sure to Use Correct Shampoo

Curly hair care experts recommends not to use clarifying shampoos on curly hair for more than once a month. Another suggestion is that not to choose transparent shampoo because it is an indication that it contains detergents that will reduce your hair moisture and if smooth manageable long curly hair is what you want. When applying shampoo on your hair be sure to be gentle.

The next useful tip for curly hair care is before you comb your hair make sure it is wet and using a comb is a good idea if you want to take out any tangles that you might have and it is also to create a part in you hair. You should only apply a brush to your hair is before you are going to wash it. Deep conditioning is important for curly hair care which should be done twice a month. Purchase some hair masks or quality conditioners instead of hot oil.

Put sufficient amount of conditioner in your hair and place a shower cap over your hair and then put a hot towel around the shower cap and leave it there for about an hour and then wash it out of your hair. These process should be done after you have shampooed your hair.