Featured Global Girl: Tiffany Jansen

Have you heard about Global Girl Online? It's a fantastic site created by expat Danielle Barkhouse (author of The Expat Arc and blogger at Earth to Danie) "as a way to help expat authors, photographers, artists and business women promote themselves and one another, as well as their products and services to the global market." Global Girl also offers an online social community that is full of information and support - a great way to meet your fellow creative expats.

Recently, Danielle added a Featured Global Girl series. So far, these Global Girls consist of Natalie Tollenaere and Tiffany Jansen! My interview was just published on 24 May 2010 and I myself saw it for the first time today. If you're an expat looking to start or promote your own business, I give lots of pointers and tips. There are also a few morsels for the non-entrepreneurial expat - a little something for everyone!

If you're not yet a member of the Global Girl Community, shame on you! Also check the main site Global Girl Online and support Danie in her efforts to promote expats.
"The best advice I can offer is NOT to promote yourself online. This can make you look spam-y and people will automatically ignore you. Do join various social media sites and do keep a blog for your business, just don’t scream from the highest rafter that you’re there to sell something. Instead, give things for free. This doesn’t have to be anything physical nor does it have to be monetary. It can simply be a gift of your time and expertise. Promote others in your niche and concentrate more on meeting the needs of people than getting potential clients. If you meet people’s needs and prove yourself useful, those people will become steadfast clients."
 Click here to read the entire interview.

One last plug (maybe): I will be running a series of expat interviews here on Clogs and Tulips beginning in June. If you're interested in participating, email me at americancloggie@aol.com