Learn Dutch Through Music: Part I - Marco Borsato

Marco Borsato is probably one of the most famous singers here in Holland. He was born on December 21 1966 and began his career singing in Italian before switching to Dutch in 1994. In fact, most of his songs are Dutch covers and/or adaptations of Italian songs. He and his wife Leontine Ruiters have three children.

Much of the Dutch music we sing in Divina Close Harmony are arrangements of Marco's songs, which explains why so many of the songs on the Learn Dutch Through Music: Part I playlist are his (the playlist was inspired by Dutch language songs covered by Divina after all).

Here are the lyrics to the three Marco Borsato hits on the playlist as well as the English translations. Read the translation first and compare it to the Dutch version. Are there words that look familiar to you or that resemble their English equivalents? Look up words if you need to in order to get an idea of what the song is about. Read through the lyrics a few times (reading aloud is most helpful) before you play the music. When you play the song, follow along and once you're feeling comfortable, try singing along! For more hits and artists, check out the Learn Dutch Through Music Page!