Learn DutchThrough Music: Part I - Bonus

Since the first playlist in the Learn Dutch Through Music series is all about music sung by my close harmony group, Divina, I thought it might be fun to do a bonus round. So here are a few numbers I was unable to find on Grooveshark as well as a few tunes by Divina (some including the all-male close harmony group The Dutchmen).

Now, here comes the fun part... I'm leaving the translating up to you (you may recognize some from other episodes in Learn Dutch Through Music: Part I)! Good luck :)

Divina sings this song by Brigitte Kaandorp (in Dutch): Ik Ben Hem Kwijt

Divina singing Maak 'es Wat Af from Jasperina de Jong on YouTube (unfortunately the first bit is cut off)

Please let me know what you thought about Part I of the Learn Dutch Through Music series. Had you heard any of these songs before? Are there some you enjoyed more than others? Do you have any other suggestions on songs to include in future editions of Learn Dutch Through Music?