short long hair

there is always a continuously changing new fashion haircut from the Pob – Victoria Beckham’s famous bob hair cut to the feathered long hair of Jennifer Aniston. Hairstyles and haircuts I feel are an important statement for everyone, it’s the first thing most people look at your face and of course your hair frames your face.

I’m guessing you’ve all had a hair disaster or mistake somewhere along the line or a hairstyle or colour you regret now. I will always remember a few years ago the layered look came into fashion and as I love the colour pink I wanted something different so went for the layered look very short layers on top too with bright pink coloured hair between the layers. Yes it looked fab but when I wanted to grow my hair again oh dear bad mistake. To this day, I’m still growing the layers out and that was 5 years ago, in many ways I wish I had never had it done but it was nice at the time.

If you’ve got short hair there is only a certain amount of styles you can have a go at and also the option of having it up if you want. The shorter you have your hair you have less chance of being able to do this, that’s why personally I couldn’t have short hair all the time would drive me nuts. The bob that Victoria Beckham had created in the summer of 2007 became so popular thousands of people had their locks cut off to sport a new short bob called the Pob. I was tempted as I liked it but I knew I would get bored very quickly, I am one of those people who gets bored with the style and colour of their hair very quickly. I’m always trying something new out, a new colour, whether it be a new shade of blonde or adding a hint of pink somewhere.

A short hair cut can suit a lot of people from short and spiky to short and sleek, whatever your style may be, make sure it suits your face shape, always best to ask your hairstylist on what kind of cut they think would suit you.

If you’re hair is long then your like me, I just keep growing mine the longer the better, well I think I would have to have it cut if it got to my lower back. With long hair you have more to play with, from layers to feathering the front layers or having a variety of colours placed into the hair. I love having the ability to have my hair down when I want using a middle or side parting to having it up in a ponytail, pigtails, plait, bun or a messy up do. The list is endless with long hair, you can do what you want, of course it’s more difficult it you have layers put in as I found out, but handy grips come in place then. If you’re lazy like me some days, you can just put your hair back in a ponytail and leave the house, having short hair I know I couldn’t do this.