wavy long hair

There are many different breeds of dogs out there. The choices are too numerous to count. With each breed of dog you also have different colors of coat they will have, and the texture of their coat. Some dogs have short hair while others have long. Some breeds have a straight coat, while others are wavy or curly.

Tamming the Curls

No matter which dog you choose, you will need to know how to properly groom them. If you have a dog that has a wavy or curly coat, you will want to know how to take care of their coat properly. A dog with a curly or wavy coat will take more time and attention to keep looking good than a dog with straight hair.

When caring for a dog with curly hair you will want to make sure you keep the coat a good length. If you let the coat get too long it will get tangled easily, and twigs and debris will get stuck in it. This is especially important to people who show their dog, or use their dog for hunting. It is easier for your dog to be helpful while hunting if he has a coat that is well maintained.

Cutting the Curls

Most curly haired dogs will need to have their coat cut. Two inches is the best length for the dogs coat. It does take time and practice to master cutting your dogs hair. Some people choose just to use a buzzer, this is an easy fast way of cutting your dogs coat. Others choose to use a scissor, which takes more practice. If your dog is going to be in dog shows you may want to take them to a place that specializes in dog grooming.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when grooming your dogs coat yourself, or between visits to the dog groomer. First you will want to make sure you brush the dogs entire coat to get rid of as dead coat as you can, this also gets rid of the tangles. A pin brush and or slicker brush usually work the best for this. Next you will want to use a comb to make sure you get every tangle. To ensure that you do not rip any hair out you will want to take your time.

After you are sure you have removed all the dead hair, and the tangles you are ready to proceed with the cutting. The first thing you will want to do is remove any extra hair. Remember you should leave the hair about two inches long, and it should be a pretty even cut. Now you will want to proceed to the foot, and the foot pads. You will want to cut any excess hair from between the paws, the make the paw blend in with the leg hair.

After you have finished with the legs and paws you are ready to continue towards the torso. You will want to make sure you cut off excess fuzz, and shape the hair in a way that flatters your breed of dog. You will want to make sure you take your time and do a good job. Stop periodically to look at you work. Having a picture of your breed of dog will be a big help. This way you have an idea of what you are going for.