Long Haircuts For all Type Hairstyles

Let us be very honest. We are all a little envious of those who have beautiful long hair. Anybody can maintain a short bob cut or any other short haircut. However, long hair is harder to maintain, or so we think. In reality, unlike short hair, long layered haircuts suits all kind of facial shapes and can be maintained with the same amount of care that goes into short hair.

Long Haircuts - For Type All 2010For long haircut with layers give the face a soft and feminine look. We often think of long layered hairs as a specific single style. In reality, the long layered haircuts come in many styles like the long face framing layers, choppy layers, layers with blunt bangs, layers with side-swept bangs, curly long layers, layered bobs etc. Depending on the shape of the face, you can choose any type of layered haircuts that suit you.

Long Haircuts - For Type All 2010Hairstylists categorize faces into eight basic shapes and apply the long layered haircuts accordingly. Oval shaped faces are considered the most versatile of facial shapes because it complements a multiple array of long layered haircuts. Rather the only cut to avoid is having too many layers on top of the head, which makes the face look longer or gaunt.