Salma Hayek Long Hairstyles

Hollywood actress Salma Hayek has a perfect family with an adorable two-year-old daughter Valentina and loving husband Francois-Henri Pinault therefore the actress wants to focus on it.

Hayek, 43 insisted that before she was more passionate about her work but now for her family comes first.She is an executive producer as well as an actress. Salma has a nice formal look as her hair styles and overall appearance is very stylish.

The actress quoted, "I was at one point in my life very involved with social causes and I am as passionate about it. I'm still involved but it's almost like a choice, now I have a family and it's important to me. I have to do this for myself but of course, there's just so much you can do sometimes.”

Hayek has been actively involved in charitable work which includes increasing awareness on violence against women and discrimination against immigrants. The beauty also added that she is still focussed on her charity works and will not compromise on that stand.