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make emo fashion for kidsThe term “emo” refers to a youth counterculture that has become quite popular over the last several years. It stems from the word “emotional” and defines its adherents by their attitude, musical choices, and personal style. In terms of popular culture, emo kids define their scene by a particular musical style. Originally known as “emocore,” this music is now referred to as simply emo. It is a variation on punk and rock that seeks to express deep emotions.

emo kids on railwayEmo takes many of its stylistic and musical trends from the punk phenomena that began in the 1980s. Both sexes tend to wear tight jeans, graphic t-shirts, canvas sneakers, and a variety of unique accessories. As for the personality traits ascribed to emo kids, most tend to be quite expressive. They may enjoy creative forms of sharing their emotions, such as through writing, poetry, or drawing. Some people associate emo kids with depression and self-destructive behavior. However, this generalization is more of a stereotype than a statement of truth. Ultimately, everyone expresses their emo culture in their own way. Although many see emo culture as simply a fad, it has been thriving for over a decade and shows no sign of slowing down.

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