Gothic Hairstyles did the Gothic Hairstyles come from? It got its name from the Victorian term for a certain kind of dark and violent literature, relating to the Gothic period in the Middle Ages. This hairstyle is not popular type, and it is different from what Elvira has and not the same as a punk hairstyle. This style is a combination mix of both, punk and Elvira dark hair style.

Goth hair includes colors like red, purple, and even blond. It may require styling, cutting, or treatment techniques, and often requires backcombing, teasing or the liberal application of styling aids.

Types of gothic hairstyle

Hair Falls -The extensions are needed. The Goth hair falls are with a wide range of colors with multi-dimensional tones to blend with your own hair.

Hair Braided – Braiding your hair to create the hairstyle.

You can wear all black, white makeup or funky hats for the punk Goth look. Gothic hairstyles are more about the color than the cut. You can choose blues, pinks, greens and black for Goth look.