Luna Maya, Brand Ambassador 2010

Who is not familiar with Luna Maya? This beautiful actress was a versatile one. Just look at the profession that they do, presenter, singer, model and recently they do, directed. Not only that, Luna Maya is also blessed with a beautiful face and nice hair.

Handsome appearance and is supported by the ability of qualified make Luna Maya is admired by many people. Therefore, one manufacturer of hair beauty products, Makarizo, do not want to miss this golden opportunity to hold Luna Maya as the Brand Ambassador of Makarizo Rebonding 2010 System this year.

Become an ambassador hair beauty products, especially related to rebonding, if Luna would later rebonding hair too? "The truth is not in-rebonding hair because straight hair is already long time ago, but I prefer to use the product Makarizo hair easier to control," said Luna when found FX Sudirman, South Jakarta, Monday (12/04).

Luna which always appear with long hair loose and bangs it, plead not too complicated in the care of her hair. "Everyday I most often in a strange hair-anehin be more happy, eh, because if after working in bilasnya easy," She said.

Beautiful hair had become every woman's dream. To obtain beautiful hair without the salon often, Luna Maya got special tips. "If you want beautiful hair not need expensive and complicated enough shampoo aja kok, because I have a rare type of people really into the salon. So we tetep Makarizo healthy, stylish and easy to move," She concluded.