Luna Maya Is Model Are Photographer

Luna Maya is still time to be a model in the middle of busy every day in the GREAT and other activities in the world seabrek CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). But make no mistake, she became the model for his own business, Luna Maya for Hardware. Precisely last February, Luna flew to Singapore and spent four days to shoot the latest collection LMforHW that nearly all production in that country.

This clothing line is one form of cooperation between the hardware along with Luna Maya who together want to enliven the world of fashion in the country. Various products like jeans, t-shirts, beautiful dress, vest, cardigan, ripped leggings, belts and handbags to be found in collections LMforHW that target the youth market that is dynamic and full of creativity. Luna left a team with Malka Artha and his partner.

Malka Artha Artist Management is led by Ramona Vita, manager of the Luna. In addition to Luna, Peter, Dea Ananda, and Nadia also take shelter under the same management. Meanwhile, the photographer who took pictures of Luna is quite special since he is one of the country's top musicians, Ridho Slank. Reason invites Ridho, apart from being good friends with Luna, the ability Ridho in the field of photography is unquestionable.

In addition to having a colorful design and comfortable to wear, LMforHW also offers designs that follow the latest fashion trends and are always updated with new things. The plume, almost all collections LMforHW is domestic production because this clothing also wanted to promote local industry did not lose their quality with imported products. The price also not too expensive because it ranges from 30,000 - Rp400.000.