Juicy Couture Rings

Luxury Juicy Couture Ring with heart motif and silver color. Sleek, sweet and romantic, this ring shows a knotted pave heart detailed with crystal stones and a logo engraving. The ring is made from gold or silver plated brass, cubic zirconia and glass. The design is very classic but fashionable. You can get this ring at Nordstrom.

Elegant Juicy Couture Ring with silver and diamond combination

Sweet Juicy Couture Rings with flower motif. The Juicy Couture Bloom Stacking Rings come as a set of three that are perfectly worn solo or stacked. Two of the rings are adorned with a pink and red flowers while the third is a dainty butterfly. Made out of 12kt gold and silver-plate over brass peppered with sparkling rhinestones.
Luxury Juicy Couture Ring with diamond and silver color

Beautiful Juicy Couture Rings with silver color and heart pendant

Funny Juicy Couture Ring

Silver Juicy Couture Ring with crown motif. Juicy Couture Rings Heart And Crown Silver are commemorative, with a high value of collection for the lover, the Juicy Couture Rings can keep their love fresh and long

Sexy purple of Juicy Couture Ring

Silver diamond of Juicy Couture Rings

Beautiful gold of Juicy Couture Rings

Juicy Couture Ring with gold and pink diamond

Gold and diamond Juicy Couture Ring
Juicy Couture Ring with gold and two heart in there