Vampire Contact Lenses

Vampire movies such as Lost Boys, True Blood and Twilight used these contacts to stress the difference between vampires in the movie from humans. They are one of those really great special effects that really wow the watchers. They are preferably used in theatre performances, and most specially, in themed costume parties and Halloween feasts. These types of contact lenses designs are carefully researched to give that dreaded vampire look.
Green vampire contact lenses looks attractive

They are the hot new type of contacts dramatizing a vampire look. No doubt, teenagers are highly allured due to the phenomenal attraction of vampires to young people. Such contacts are a great addition to a vampire, or werewolf costume for that wild Halloween or any other parties. A lot of people use these contacts to empower any outfit or simply to stand out from the crowd with freaky vampire eyes.
Eyes wearing vampire contact lenses are fascinating just as the subculture born out of the glorification of vampires is.

The rise of Vampire costumes have popularied with the influences from the box office smash hit movie Twilight. Dressing up as a vampire has never been so fashionable! Everyone will be impressed with your alluring presence if you decided a vampire costume is for you. No costume is complete without vampire Halloween contact lenses! With a wide range to choose from it can get confusing so I can selected the best vampire contact lenses of 2010

Crazy contact lens has been used in movie and theatrical special effects for years and is now available to buy online. The colour and range of these wild lenses are endless. Custom examples such as vampire, cat eye, and wolf can easily be found and compared online. These scary contact lenses are ideal fx for Halloween.

Add a wild gilt to your blue eyes with these contrasting contacts. Great for partying, and good to use for 30 days. They come with a case and cleaner.

Yellow vampire contact lenses

Attractive red of vampire contact lenses